20% Greater Performance. On Cue.

CueFit is patented cutting-edge technology that helps optimize your Contact Center workforce in such a powerful way that it increases employee performance by up to 20%, which in turn reduces employee costs.  Those savings go straight to your bottom line having a huge impact on the profits of your business.

The CueFit Effect

  • Increases Agent Utilization
  • Creates Agent Accountability
  • Drives Customer Satisfaction
  • Develops Leadership Through Coaching
  • Improves Schedule Adherence
  • Lowers Agent Turnover
  • Clearly Identifies Top and Low Performers
  • Reduces Agent Idle Time
  • Reduces Customer Wait Time
  • Lowers Abandon Rates

CueFit for Managers

Real Time Recognition
Most contact centers are run using spreadsheets.  Ranking top and low performers takes a lot of effort and time and coaching opportunities are lost.  CueFit gives managers complete information in real time that can be read in seconds.

Holistic View or Specific Coaching
In order for managers to properly coach agents they need a holistic view of an agents performance.  CueFit shows the managers the aspects of an agent’s performance helping the manager to know how to specifically coach an agent.

Everyone in the organization has access to CueFit, from the front line up to senior management.  The transparency helps create a high level of accountability throughout the entire organization.

CueFit for Agents

Real Time Feedback
Agents get a real time view of their performance using the CueFit App that stays persistent on their desktop.  The CueFit Agent Tile shows the agent each state they are in with a timer so they know how long they have been in each state.

Awareness and Accountability
The CueFit App for Agents is like a fitness tracker helping the agent to to be aware and accountable for their performance.  The awareness allows agents to improve their performance by as much as 25%

Agents work improve their performance against company set benchmarks.  Colors change from Red, to Yellow, to Green, and even Blue as agents meet and exceed those benchmarks.  Agents can receive recognition for achievements and see how they rank against others.

Costs Savings Calculator

By using the patented CueFit software, you can see a significant improvement in productivity from your team which results in substantial cost savings.

Annual Operational Costs

Agent / Supervisor Costs: $


Cost Savings

$ saved

$ saved

$ saved

$ saved

Experience CueFit Today!

Quick Setup
CueFit is fully functional by just pulling the data from your contact center switch.  We can integrate to almost any switch and we already have integrations with InContact, Five9, and others!

Try Before you buy
We are so confident that CueFit will help revolutionize your contact center that we will let you try it with no obligation for 14 days!