Performance. Gamified. On Cue.

CueFit is the first app to empower agents with self-improvement tools that help the agent self-govern and auto correct their own performance.

The CueFit App for Agents runs on the agent’s desktop giving the agent real-time feedback of their performance throughout their work shift.

The CueFit App helps the agents to make adjustments to their behavior in real-time resulting in a significant increase in agent utilization. Performance can increase between 5-25% per agent.

Costs Savings Calculator

The CueFit(tm) Effect will transform your contact center with significant savings in Agent Productivity and Supervisor Efficiency.  CueFit(tm) has added savings and benefits with increasing employee engagement, boosting morale, and decreasing employee turnover.

Annual Operational Costs

Agent / Supervisor Costs: $


Cost Savings

$ saved

$ saved

$ saved

$ saved

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Quick Setup
CueFit is fully functional by just pulling the data from your contact center switch.  We can integrate to almost any switch and we already have integrations with InContact, Five9, and others!

Try Before you buy
We are so confident that CueFit will help revolutionize your contact center that we will let you try it with no obligation for 14 days!