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More than features, the future

CueFit enables managers to create a real-time feedback with call center agents, ensuring the entire contact center—even top performers—continues to evolve skills and performance.

Agents can view evaluations as they are completed and make real-time adjustments to their performance. Not surprisingly, this immediate feedback is one of the top drivers of employee satisfaction and retention.

Your managers have never experienced technology like this. They can help agents instill a sense of pride in their daily performance and take ownership of their ongoing improvement.

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With CueFit, AI just works

CueFit uses artificial intelligence to automate the most burdensome and error prone tasks in Contact Center Performance, including increasing Agent utilization and productivity, creating Agent accountability, drives customer satisfaction, improves schedule adherence, reduces Agent idle time, and Reduces Agent Turnover.

Enlist us to scope, implement and automate end-to-end, while you provide more in overall customer performance

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What Makes CueFit Different

Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

CueFit scopes, builds, implements, and supports your staff for one price.

No working with consultants, integrators, or other software companies–we are your single point of contact.

Machine Intelligence

CueFit has advanced machine intelligence capabilities that can be used to enhance real-time feedback.

As part of our AI as a Service model, our customers can leverage machine learning models to solve complex problems within their agent performance.

Our system has the ability to learn by collecting data from situations where logic is insufficient.

Focus in Contact Centers

Since the beginning, CueFit has had a mission to fundamentally change the contact center industry.

We have passed our expansive knowledge of contact center operations and agent protocols onto CueFit, freeing up your team members to focus on customer service.

Made in the USA

CueFit is based in the United States. Our incredible team resides in a number of states throughout the US, where CueFit is developed and tested.

Costs Savings Calculator

The CueFit™ Effect will transform your contact center with significant savings in Agent Productivity and Supervisor Efficiency.  CueFit™  has added savings and benefits with increasing employee engagement, boosting morale, and decreasing employee turnover.

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CueFit is fully functional by just pulling the data from your contact center switch.  We can integrate to almost any switch and we already have integrations with InContact, Five9, and others!

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We are so confident that CueFit will help revolutionize your contact center that we will let you try it with no obligation for 14 days!