Next-Level Employee Engagement Begins Here

Compelling evidence links employee engagement with outcomes that matter to every organization—customer loyalty, revenue generation, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and retention of high-performing employees.

CueFit offers entirely unique features that extract the best possible performance from your contact center employees. No matter how complex your offerings or your customer base may be, CueFit provides your team with access to AI intelligent tools that enable them to deliver measurably better performance at a lower cost.

The CueFit Effect for Supervisors

Instant Gauge of Team Performance

Develops Leadership Through Coaching

Clearly Identifies Top and Low Performers

Reduces Customer Wait Time

Lowers Abandon Rates

Happier, More Effective Supervisors

The CueFit Effect for Agents

Increases Agent Utilization and Productivity

Creates Agent Accountability

Drives Customer Satisfaction

Improves Schedule Adherence

Reduces Agent Idle Time

Reduces Agent Turnover

Happy Agents. Happier Customers. More Revenue.

The contact center is often the last line of defense in customer retention. The need to attract and retain high-caliber employees is intensifying.

Workforce engagement management (WEM) is emerging as a powerful new way using AI to elevate and sustain the customer experience. In fact, studies show that even a 5% increase in employee engagement in the contact center can drive 3% incremental gains in revenue.