Workplace Has Changed.Workforce Has Changed.Employee Engagement Remains Unchanged...Until Now

Workplace Has Changed.Workforce Has Changed.Employee Engagement Remains Unchanged...Until Now

In fact, lack of continuous feedback and recognition is one of the main causes for lack of talent retention

Engage, Retain and Empower Your Employees

Agents can view their performance in real time and make real time adjustments to their performance. These small adjustments done consistently create huge improvements in productivity.  Not surprisingly, this immediate feedback is also one of the top drivers of employee satisfaction and retention.

VisualCue enables managers to create a real-time feedback loop with call center agents, ensuring the entire contact center—even top performers—continues to evolve skills and performance.

Your managers have never experienced technology like this.They can help agents instill a sense of pride in their daily performance and take ownership of their ongoing improvement.

The CueFit Effect

  • Increases Agent Utilization
  • Creates Agent Accountability
  • Drives Customer Satisfaction
  • Empowers Supervisors to Mentor
  • Improves Schedule Adherence
  • Lowers Agent Turnover
  • Clearly Identifies Top and Low Performers
  • Reduces Agent Idle Time
  • Reduces Customer Wait Time
  • Lowers Abandon Rates

Effective Feedback Loops

Feedback loops are extremely important in improving performance.  The agents and managers must be on the same page.  CueFit gives real time feedback to both the agents and their managers creating a continuous feedback loop

Real time feedback to agents allows them to make quick adjustments to their performance throughout the day.

Real time feedback to managers allows them to identify coaching opportunities and work with agents immediately so the coaching is both timely and effective.

Workforce Optimization