Developed Specifically for Contact Centers

No matter how complex your offerings or your customer base may be, CueFit provides your team with access to intelligent tools that enable them to deliver measurably better performance at a lower cost.

Designed for the agents

The CueFit App for Agents gets installed on their desktop and floats above all other applications, but only takes up a small amount of space in the corner of their screen.

Due to the patented and intuitive nature of the CueFit App, agents can easily monitor their own KPI performance in real-ti-me throughout the day without having to constantly switch back and forth to other applications.

Important parts to the science of the CueFit App for Agents


Do your agents know what is expected of them every- day and what good looks like for their job? With the patented CueFit technology, the KPIs measured arebenchmarked against the company expectations andthe cues (symbols) change color according to the resultsagainst those expectations.


Do you measure the important KPIs of performance for your agents? The important KPIs for an agent can becollected from multiple data sources and fed into the CueFit system to be aggregated.


Do your agents see the performance KPIs every day,every hour, or in real-time? In order for the agents to adjust their behavior to meet the company expectationsof the company, the agents must be aware of their ownperformance KPIs. The more often they see their performance, the more often they can adjust and impro-ve.


Are the agent performance KPIs visible throughout thewhole organization? In order to create a culture ofself-government, the previous 3 steps must be met andfinally there must be transparency of this information throughout the organization.

In details

The patented “Tile Technology” gives the individual agent real-time feedback and tracks every state the agent is engaged in throughout the day.

Engage, Retain and Empower Your Best Employees

The CueFit App for Supervisors provides powerful tools for the supervisors to see theirentire team on one screen.

In the App, the supervisor sees the exact same data and benchmarking that the agent sees soboth are on the same page. The supervisor can sort, filter, and group people together. Theyalso can instantly see how each member of theirteam is performing and what specific KPIs theagent is doing well on and where they are strug-gling.

Supervisors spend much less time looking at reports and far more time coaching those who need help. Since the agent sees the exact same metrics, any coaching about specific performan- ce is constantly reinforced as the agents look atthe CueFitApp for Agents.