The Power of Workforce Engagement

No matter how complex your offerings or your customer base may be, CueFit provides your team with access to intelligent tools that enable them to deliver measurably better performance at a lower cost.

How It Works

The patented “Tile Technology” gives the individual agent real-time feedback and tracks every state the agent is engaged in throughout the day.

The top of the Tile shows the number of calls waiting in the queue along with the longest customer wait-time. The “Cues” listed on the right side of the screen track the various states of an agent, including:

  • On a Call
  • Customer on Hold
  • After-Call Work
  • Agent Availability
  • Break Time
  • Trainings or Meetings  

When the agent enters into a new state, the timer reports the length of the current activity.

Your agent knows exactly how they are doing in real time, thanks to Cuefit’s intuitive icons and prompts that change color and adjust in real time based on adherence to company criteria, state of the agent, and overall performance throughout the day.  The agent can also review their performance from the past week or month and even the past year.

The Tile works inside an app that runs on the agent’s desktop and stays visible – no matter what they’re working on – continually reminding them in real time how each activity is contributing to their success.

Engage, Retain and Empower Your Best Employees

CueFit enables managers to create a real-time feedback loop with call center agents, ensuring the entire contact center—even top performers—continues to evolve skills and performance.

Because supervisors can view the same performance metrics as the agent in real time, they can quickly and efficiently coach, assist, reward, and give timely feedback.

The patented supervisor tile technology allows managers to zoom out to see an entire team at once.

The technology is so powerful that you can even see the entire contact center on one screen, instantly identifying  top and low performers.