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CueFit is a new patented Employee Performance and Engagement tool that utilizes behavioral science, gamification, rewards and recognition to increase employee productivity and retention.

The Ultimate Performance Tools

Realtime fundamental performance data at your fingertips. Instant insight and action on the foundational KPI’s

Custom built Performance Scorecard of all your vital KPI’s. Tailored to your contact center goals.

Assisting agents to see what they are doing great, pinpointing where to improve, and reinforcing good performance with gamification & rewards.

Instant insight to all agents, the unification of the contact center, always being on the same page

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Performance Displayed

Empowering Real Time Data

Employee’s have consistent access to their performance data with a color coded rating system. This enables your employees to self govern their activities with real time feedback that results in increased efficiency and job satisfaction.

Performance Gamified

Be Ready to be the Best

Leaderboards drive individual and team behavior and provide motivation for your top performing employees. CueFit displays leaderboards for all of your key activities and KPIs.

Performance Recognized and Rewarded

Motivation That Works

Employees are consistently motivated with daily points that are directly tied to the most important activities that drive ROI for your business. CueFit provides automated achievements that employees can earn daily, weekly, and monthly.

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Quick Setup

CueFit is fully functional by simply connecting to your contact center. We can integrate to any contact center solution and we already have integrations with InContact, Five9, and more!